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Sweet N Spize is a community of cake lovers, baker lovers, writers and hackers who celebrate the best of cakes. To be as creative with cakes as you can be, we put our creativity to work for you. It’s all about sharing what makes cake so good: our love of baking, the magic of baking, bakers and skills with which they get it right – or how they don’t get it right. 

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 It’s not just about icing them into a truly beautiful masterpiece but also how you can make your own tasty master piece too.Create beautiful cakes that will delight your friends and family in rich flavours and textures. Feel inspired by someone else’s beautiful creations on the internet or by using our easy website builder to create your own cake lifestyle blog


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Mushroom Miso Soup A Delightful Blend of Umami and Comfort Are you on the hunt for a soup recipe that is not only packed with