Sweet and spicy food : Explore the taste of the world

Foodies will understand the kind of pleasure that exists in tasting different types of food. Be it  sweet and spicy food , all the tasty dishes are equally adored by food lovers. Mexican ,Indian , Italian and Chinese cuisine has a wide variety of different types of food evolving from the various local cuisines of the nation.

Each region has some special recipes from its cuisine that are worth trying. Mostly Mexican and Indian foods are most spicy and prepared with various types of exotic spices. But some are also sweet and include not only desserts, but also other main dishes. But what do you like best – sweet or spicy? Leave a comment below.

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Sweet N Spize is a community of cake lovers, sweet and spicy food lovers, baker lovers,  writers, and hackers who celebrate the best of cakes. To be as creative with cakes as you can be, we put our creativity to work for you. It’s all about sharing what makes the cake so good: our love of baking, the magic of baking, bakers, and skills with which they get it right – or how they don’t get it right. It’s not just about icing them into a truly beautiful masterpiece but also how you can make your own tasty masterpiece too.

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