Wool roll bread with chicken stuffing

Wool roll bread is the softest, fluffiest crumb, the delicate, delicious milk bread. It tests the boundaries of your willpower turned to our bread. Flour-based Japanese Milk Bread recipe for the soft, pillowy base for this gorgeous bread. While filling combinations are with chicken it goes most wanted and makes the bread downright delicious. So, if you could keep just one homemade bread recipe in your box, make it wool roll bread, with eyes closed and complete trust.

Wool roll bread with chicken stuffing

Chicken Wool Roll Bread recipe :

The making process of chicken wool roll bread is given below. Follow all the rules step by step so that you can make it properly.


▪️For Dough


·       1/2 cup lukewarm milk

·       1 teaspoon yeast

·       3 tablespoons of sugar

·       1 egg

·       2 cups flour (250 ml)

·       1/2 teaspoon of salt

·       2 tbsp oil

▪️For Chicken Stuffing


·       2 tablespoons of cooking oil

·       1 teaspoon ginger and garlic cloves

·       1/2 cup chopped onion

·       1 cup boneless chicken.

·       1/4 teaspoon of salt

·       1/2 tsp pepper powder

·       1/2 teaspoon dry chili powder

·       2 green chillies chopped

·       1/2 teaspoon (garam masala)

·       1 tablespoon of soy sauce

·       2 tablespoons of tomato sauce

·       1 teaspoon of flour

·       1/2 cup milk

Direction Of Making


First, cover 1/2 yolk with one teaspoon of yeast and 2 tablespoons of sugar in warm milk for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes break an egg and mix the egg very well. Then add half teaspoon of salt, two cups of flour and 2 tablespoons of oil and knead it very well. Do not make the dough too soft. After taking it in the mold, keep it covered for 1 or 2 hour (wait until the dough swells).

Wool roll bread with chicken stuffing


Take a pan one by one and add oil to it. Then when the pur is fried, in the end, fry it with a teaspoon of flour. Then mix it with 1/2 cup of liquid milk and knead it a little. Once done, put down it.


After two hours, when the dough swells, knead it again and divide it into 5 parts. Then make it into a round bread as shown in the picture, and cut it thinly on one side. Then fill one side and make it like a roll. Now put all the rolls in the bowl as shown in the picture. Again cover it with something and wait for 1 hour.

Wool roll bread with chicken stuffing
Wool roll bread with chicken stuffing


If you want to bring color even after cooking on the stove. Then try to make it in a pan with a silver lid. Before making any bread on the stove, increase the flame of the stove . Let it heat for 5 minutes in the pan in which you will make the bread.

After 5 minutes put the bread on the stove. And put the lid on the stove for the first five minutes and keep the stove on low to medium heat for the next 25 minutes.

wool roll bread with chicken stuffing

–Follow this recipe and let me know how you like making the wool roll bread.😊..

Tips to bring color to the stove 👇👇👇

  • Mix the egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of milk on the bread and brush it on the bread.
  • Before placing the bread in the pan, preheat the stove on medium heat. Then fry 2 pieces of paper and keep them in a pan.
  • After placing the bread in the pan, the lid should be put on.
  • Put the lid on and keep the stove on high for the first 5 minutes. Then reduce it to another 25 minutes.
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